Samson Racioppi Announces run for Congress

For immediate release:

Newburyport Native announces run for US Congress.

Samson Racioppi grew up in Newburyport Massachusetts and has resided in Salisbury since 1999. He is fiercely devoted to the well-being of this country, and wants to continue serving its people. He served as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army from 2005 to 2008, and spent a year deployed in Africa.

Samson believes that we should strive for a lean, mean, and efficient government--as opposed to the overbearing and authoritarian beast it has become. We are the shining beacon of light and freedom in the world, but that light is dimming. We cannot let it be extinguished.

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This shouldn't be controversial

Speech is such an important thing to me. It is the most important value a society can recognize for free people to stay that way. 

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